Who is the Aerial?

It comes a time in everyone's life when your dreams reclaim your attention. Every professional and personal decision matters.

Old questions start to get answered while inevitably new ones arise.

I believe that every dream is born from one simple question: And Why Not? Aerial questions the reality we live in with that in mind.

My dream is all about creation: create worlds, create universes, and through that creation inspire us to make what surrounds us a better place.

Great ideas don't come exclusively from great geniuses, but from ordinary people who after dreaming about them, they passionately pursue their potential until they get the job done.

That is the meaning of being Aerial and if you are reading this and have a dream, ask yourself: Why Not make it happen?

The plan

Aerial´s objectives are quite simple. Propose new ways to see the world and what surrounds us with no regard whatsoever to your particular field of expertise. .

Specialization is evidently essential nowadays, but in order to a ThinkTank to work out, stimuli and the relationships between them, must go beyond from social and cultural conventions, even those given by your field of expertise.

My objective is, as the one of a kid, enjoy learning from everything, share it and help building a better place with my work.

Who I am

About us

My name is Luis, I was born in 1985 and I am currently living in Madrid. I have studied Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid where I won a few exhibition prizes and imparted extraordinary lectures on rendering, renderers and lighting techniques using 3D Software.

Right now I split up my time between the 360º marketing agency CDoble working as creative designer specialized in Visual Merchandising and exhibiton design, and Aerial, my own initiative.

My creative interests are hybridations of all kinds, duality and fragmentation as a recurrent theme, and light as narrative technique.

Probably my strongest stylistic and philosophic influence is the Renaissance, but Baroque, Art Nouveau and street art Graffiti also influenced the way I use my canvas not as a closed space but making it an active participant of the space surrounding it, and using that space for the work´s benefit.

Limitation bores me, so I try to stay fresh with varied themes, canvases and techniques which allow me to achieve my goals, from physics or hydraulics to arquitecture, music or psicology to philosphy, video games and literature.

The world is big, but within us, is deep as the sea.

-- G. Bachelard

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Personal Work

  • Aerial Short Concept Art

    Originally, Aerial was a concept short about freedom and love which is currently under development that features 3D generated scenarios with 2d characters.

    [ ] Human Series

    '[ ] Human project' is a series of three illustrations exploring the hybridation between our physical structure and our abstract realm or soul. More of the series in the Aerial ThinkTank® section on the left.

    Divinities Series

    'Divinity' project is a series of illustrations that re-renders myths and legends from the Greek and Roman mythology and presents them in a more 'modern' aesthetic. More of the series in the Aerial ThinkTank® section on the left.

    The Void Series

    The Void project is a series of personal exploration and reflection of probably the worst kind of pain we can suffer: loss. Through it we learn and through it we lose and gain a lot of qualities, feelings and people. More of the series in the Aerial ThinkTank® section on the left.

    Varied Illustration

    Selection of personal illustrations, varied in theme and technique

    Traditional Media

    Selection of traditional media works exploring relationships between the canvas and the physical realm, in this case popping out objects outside the boundaries of the 2d canvas.


Professional Work

  • L´Oréal- Events, promotions and visual merchandise

    Various concepts, visualizations and implementations for promotions, spaces and visual elements as glorifiers, ads, displays for The Consumer Goods Forum Global Summit, El Corte Inglés, Carrefour, etc.


    Different stand and space designs for promotions for El Corte Inglés, Erosky, Carrefour, etc.


    Concept look & feel for The AfterHours Athletes events in Madrid, Spain


    Various materials for display, printed, online, internal and purchase point in-store promotions like Sephora, El Corte Inglés, Marionnaud, etc.

    Various Clients

    Mock-up production for products, visual merchandising pieces and arquitectural visualization

Aerial ThinkTank ®

What is this?


Aerial ThinkTank ® is our huge sketch pad and playground. Here you will find from early work-in-progress sketches, to new ideas awaiting to see the light of day.

Aerial Mechanics ®

What is this?


Inside Aerial Mechanics ® you will find new and hybrid mechanical ideas of all kinds. From transportation to furniture and even 7.1 headphones or electronic gadgets...

  • Atlantis II Itinerant Hotel

    Can you imagine a huge flying city? Yes we can. Welcome to our world!

    Concept Modular Kitchen

    A new kitchen must be a relaxing and easy to use space, designed not only for the cook but for a whole bunch of people doing whatever they want in there. Featuring holographic touch screen, space divider modules and of course seats.

Aerial Ink ®

What is this?


Do you know what a tattoo parlor is? Take a guess and start thinking about WHAT do you want to get tattooed...

Aerial Cloud ®

What is this?


Social networking is one of the most important tools in our hands. Take that to the next level. Here you will find some concepts using interactive displays to make the world your canvas.


Finding us

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